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Harry Potter Afternoon Tea

Description of event:

Pick your house table and take part in a variety of challenges

Sun 13th Oct 2019

Starts 13:00 hrs

£10 adults/£8 children


Hop on board the Hogwarts Express and head to Ollaberry to join a spooktacular Halloween Feast that our house elves have been preparing for you, indulging in Harry Potter inspired food and drink in your best wizarding outfit!

Pick your house table and take part in a variety of challenges to win the House Cup! Will it be Cunning Slytherin, Loyal Hufflepuff, Brave Gryffindor or Wise Ravenclaw?

Take part in the Quidditch Cup between 2.30-3.30pm to bring glory to your house.

Make sure to stop passed Honeydukes before you head home to stock up on some delicious wizarding treats and try your luck in our triwizard raffle.

*Tables must be booked in advance*

Entry is 2 galleons and 3 knuts (£10) per adult, and 1 galleon, 10 sickles and 8 knuts (£8) for school children. Price includes an array of savoury and sweet treats inspired by the books and a drink of your choice.

To book, click on ‘Visit Facebook Page’ above and message the hall  or Tel: 01806 544 233 after 6pm.

Our Supporters
Our Supporters


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