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Lerwick Brewery Tours

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Father's Day Special & National Beer Day

Sat 15th Jun 2019

Starts 00:00 hrs


Father’s Day Special – Free drink and bottle opener to every dad booked on a tour (see below for details on tours).

The 15th June 2019 is also National Beer Day and the following applies!

  • Lerwick Brewery open till 8.00pm
  • 10% off everything over the bar all day
  • Cheers to Beer at 7.00pm along with the rest of the UK!

Tours are your exclusive chance to meet the brewery team complete with a tasting session straight from the source.

Click on ‘Visit Event Website’ to book tours.

The Lerwick Brewery Tour: A Taste of Brewing.  £15.00 per person per tour over 18/£5.00 per child/under 5 free

This tour will take you through 7000 years of the brewing process, discovering why, when and where beer was first made.  Our experienced brewers will show you the ingredients, equipment and processes required to make ales and lagers in a craft brewery. You will have time to taste and smell the hops and malt as they make their way through the various stages of brewing.  As you wander through our 12 barrel brewery you will be taken through the process of how the beer is actually made until we arrive at the final product but what is the difference between a cask and a keg? What is priming and why would you carbonate?

The tour ends where it should, in our brewery bar where you may try out of some of our complimentary beers that you have been learning about. Stay for a while if you like and browse our gift shop where you can find all of our beers to take away and many other Shetland products that may interest you.  Questions are welcomed throughout.  You should allow about 1 hour for this tour.

The Lerwick Brewery Experience: A Deep Dive into Beer. £25.00 per adult per tour over 18/£5.00 per child/under 5 free

Maximum Group size of 12 people.

This more in-depth tour will cover everything from the Lerwick Brewery Tour but we will go into a lot more detail on the processes and even give away some tips and secrets of the trade…… Irish Moss, Isinglass, thick and thin mash. You will learn about the calculation of the alcohol content in the beers and how this is done, the bitterness, flavourings and colours of the beers and how we achieve them. What is a protein haze and how is it we get the beer to be clear and bright?

When we finish in our tasting bar, you will be able to taste our 6 core range beers and your guide will talk about the beers themselves, explaining the names and thought processes behind the beers as you drink them.  You will also be given a voucher which entitles you to 10% off in our gift shop should you wish to buy beer to take away or a little souvenir of your visit.  Again any questions are welcome throughout.  You should allow around 2 hours for this tour.

Children under 18 are welcome with a responsible adult.

Our Supporters
Our Supporters


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