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May Maddrim – Exhibition

Description of event:

Works by Cartoonist Stephen Gordon

Wed 15th May - Fri 31st May 2019

Starts 09:00 hrs



On until the 31st May 2019.

‘Maddrim’ is the Shetland dialect word for hilarity or fun.

This exhibition features work from ‘Smirk’, the nom de plume of Stephen Gordon!  A Shetlander and the UK’s most northerly Cartoonist, he is best known for cartoons in Shetland’s only weekly newspaper The Shetland Times where he does an editorial cartoon, feature cartoon and strip cartoon ‘Krims’.  He has done this for nearly 40 years and is also known for his caricatures.

Come along a see Stephen’s fantastic prints which shows a variety of his work from coasters to even serious watercolours! It’s a rolling exhibition with more than 100 pictures, framed and unframed items through out Islesburgh Community Centre in cabinets in the foyer and in the central cafe.

All pictures can be purchased.  Please just ask at reception.

To see more work or to order a picture, click on ‘Visit Facebook Page’.

Our Supporters
Our Supporters


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