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Pieces in Time by the Shetland Needleworkers

Description of event:

inspired by the history, flora, fauna & landscape of Shetland

Wed 30th Oct - Sat 21st Dec 2019

Starts 10:00 hrs



Shetland Needleworkers Exhibitions have established a reputation for being colourful and accessible, interesting and varied. Showing their most recent work, this event showcases the creativity and productivity of the members. From quilts and hangings, to pictures, cushions, boxes and bags……..it is all here to delight the eye.

The pieces are often inspired by the history, flora, fauna and landscape of Shetland. However, some clearly show the influence of far flung cultures. Some, we suspect, were made because the creator just found that certain bit of fabric irresistible.

The Needleworkers group meets twice monthly between September and June in the Islesburgh Community Centre. Most meetings are in the form of classes or workshops which create a continuous learning environment. Each year the group supports a local charity. The chosen charity for the current two years is the MRI scanner appeal.

Anyone is welcome to join Shetland Needleworkers. There is no entry level requirement. The group philosophy is that everyone can learn, whether from each other, or from the talented practitioners who are invited to tutor the group.

Our Supporters
Our Supporters


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