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Sam Davies ‘Capturing the Moody Sea’ and Chris Rigby ‘Eight Years On’

Description of event:

Exhibition of Artists paintings

Sat 22nd Jun - Sat 27th Jul 2019

Starts 10:00 hrs



Come along to Da Gadderie to see this captivating exhibition from the 22nd June until the 27th July.

Sam Davies – ‘Capturing the Moody Sea’

The paintings in this exhibition are mainly sea related. This is Sam’s main influence as he has first-hand experience of the motion of the sea and waves, from the tranquil, calm sea to the invigorating excitement of awesome crashing waves. He never tires of studying and painting the sea in all its moods and states and is constantly trying to captivate its movement.

Chris Rigby -‘Eight Years On’

Chris has always been drawn to the wild fringes of the British Isles where the elements can be experienced in their rawest form. These travels eventually led him to Shetland where he has been a regular visitor since 2011. Shetland provides much of the subject matter for his current explorations in paint. He used to paint more in the Cumbrian fells working in all weathers but there came a time when the constant pressure to find a good painting was spoiling a good walk. His response was to make a very conscious effort to not look for subject matter enabling him to return to his old habit of sketching for the pure joy of it as and when the mood took him, and conditions allowed.




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