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Shetland ForWirds Variety Concert

Description of event:

Performers in dialect as weel as music

Tue 14th May 2019

Starts 19:30 hrs

£10.00 standard/£7.00 conc


Shetland ForWirds presents some o da best performers in Shetland dialect, wi some excellent music as weel.

Ewen Balfour will be a lightsome compere.

Sandwick School Choir won da dialect song prize at da Music Festival, Brenna Players won da Shetland section at da Drama Festival, an Shetland ForWirds awarded prizes ta 4 short films at Screenplay 2018 for da most effective use o dialect. Dey will all be in da concert, tagidder wi Claire White an Robbie Leask, da Scandi Sessions fiddlers, Peter Ratter, Zoe Spence an Lorraine Peterson, Young Fiddler o 2019.

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Our Supporters
Our Supporters


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